A small and welcoming community meets for worship every Sunday at 6.30pm. The worship is informal and Word-based with Communion once a month.

Every Wednesday 6:30-pm we have quiet and reflective worship which draws on the Taize and world church traditions. Perfect for those looking for simple music and space to think and reflect.


At 11am every Tuesday, we meet for 20 minutes of quiet time. For anyone seeking space and silent communion in our busy world.

At 11.30am on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, we meet for intercessory prayer, bringing our concerns for our community, our city and our world.

Community engagement

Over the years we have provided various interactive prayer opportunities that are accessible for all the community and work for justice. We raised funds to send equipment to those in the Calais jungle and we invited people in to a prayer activity too.

We invited people to show on this map where they were born and share some information about their lives. This was part of Christian Aid week

We host Lancashire Sings Christmas each year where we all enjoy getting together to sing the favourite carols and to hear the Christmas story

We support Lancaster Pride, Lancaster Music Festival, Light Up Lancaster and other events that happen in Dalton Square

Spirituality and theology

At The Cornerstone, we are attempting a new sort of 'church' – one that doesn't fit in the normal confines and boundaries. We seek to be authentic followers of Jesus, constantly reflecting on what that means for today, but we also want to be open to other movements of the Spirit, particularly where they promote justice, peace and love.

We have begun to hold one or two events each month that facilitate theological exploration and questioning. We hope these will challenge and nurture faith but also, vitally, inspire people to live out their beliefs in a meaningful way.

So far, events have included:

'Christianity Reconsidered' with theologian Michael Hardin 'Hell and Hot Potatoes', film and discussion 'Sacred Activism Gathering for Rebels, Sceptics and Dreamers'

We welcome everyone from whatever tradition or none and we seek to build bridges. We believe every person has a spiritual life, though people may use different words or phrases to describe it. This part of every person needs to be nurtured and fed and that is what we hope to do.